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Mauritius Trip December 2019
« on: December 13, 2019, 09:52:24 AM »

Hi Guys,

I am going to Mauritius this December, a mate of mine who recently moved over there has just purchased a kitted 25Ft boat and we are hoping to get on the water a few times over the holiday.

Does anyone have any waypoints or directions to good fishing grounds around the Island? We are staying in Mont Choisy (The North) and launching out of Grand Baie.
Also, what fish should we be targeting this time of year?
I would think sailies and Dorado with the warm weather?

a trip to Soudan banks is on the cards but it seems like a really long distance steam to get there and back - I am not really sure if it is worth it.

Most of the local fisherman just pull plastics around and seem to use extremely heavy gear - I've watched some online videos of them skimming wahoo and Dorado's across the surface back to the boat with their Marlin rods.
I am hoping to fish a bit lighter (Like KZN couta fishing set-ups) with dead baits and skirts/dusters?
I have asked my mate to get some halfbeaks from the local netters and he has about 40 odd wrapped and frozen.
Does anyone have any recommendations for baits that might work?

Also, is vertical jigging allowed and does anyone know if this is productive?



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