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PR knot and great Uni-knot video.

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I found this really great video to tie a PR knot neatly and without too much fuss. An added bonus is at the 2 minute 30 second point in this video is a really innovative way to turn a six or seven turn uni knot into a six or seven turn figure of eight knot. So simple it makes me wonder why I didn't think of it myself ( the best ideas often are).

To my mind the seven turn Uni knot is the best braid knot and combined with a three turn fig eight knot on a leader, back to back, is the quickest and most effective way of joining a leader to braid. Super strong, I use it all the time when on a boat and needing to quickly add anew leader and get back to fishing.

  PR Knot Bobbin

Ya... in my previous life (on SL) I posted this video there because I was amazed at the clever way they finished this knot off... really simple and clever. This finishing knot is called the RIZUTTO finish and can be used to finish off any wrap knot.

Tommo, do you ever tie the PR knot on a boat? It's easy to do at home, but I really struggled to do it on a small rocking boat?


--- Quote from: REEFMAN on November 17, 2010, 06:35:47 pm ---
Tommo, do you ever tie the PR knot on a boat? It's easy to do at home, but I really struggled to do it on a small rocking boat?

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I've checked Earl Strydom tie loads in no time on a boat, and Nepps too! Earl was using a bobbin that Bennie had made for me, he loved it so much I donated it to him at the end of the trip, a decision I regret now!

Hmmm, to be perfectly honest I don't tie the PR knot on a boat if I am out for a session and I lose my leader(I hate to admit this, as it indicates laziness on my part, but it's the truth). Usually I am in a mad rush to get the line back in the water and simply use a back to back fig 8 knot. Seven turns on the braid side and three on the mono leader, using the technique shown in the video. It is a lot quicker.

It is seldom that I have found it necessary to replace my leader on the boat, as I am using 100lb braid these days, and have my drag set hard enough to stop a formula 1 car, when targeting the big boys, but it does happen from time to time. The odd fish bigger than a formula 1 car gets in the mix, or the jig snags the bottom @#$#@.

With the right bobbin the PR is actually a pretty easy knot to tie, and strong as anything, so maybe I should get into the habit of tying it on the boat. I think the main issue is that I am usually fishing with other guys, and end up doing all the knots on the boat, so don't want to lose too much fishing time...

Without wanting to be controversial Craig I honestly dont like this version of a PR knot at all for the following reasons.

1. There is too much fiddling - on the boat which is rocking and the wind  blowing a nightmare - the wraps around the hands need to be done at the start of the knot - few loops down then tight ones then reverse ( often the part where new comers hassle - just force back with thumb and forefinger - then spin) Few half hitches, burn tag end if able to, more half hitches to bulb, half hitches on line then uni to finish.

2. He spins one way which is fine, but then just sort for leaves the line sitting whilst doing his uni - it  will easily unravel itself/lose its grip so a few half hitches good as soon as the spinning finished.

3. Horrifyingly he then puts a flame close to braid  with no protection for the braid- getting a flame on a rocking boat with a breeze is hard as it is - imagine this set up - hes gonna burn/damage his line IF he manages to get  a  flame.

4. The burning of the tag end like he does can lead to same problems - usually use finger nails to protect the braid - another thing with the burnt leader end is to be careful of sharp edges on floro - the version that Chris W taught us has  a few half hitches on the braid and the final uni is braid on braid which add some protection. Good to try to get mushroom shape on the bulb to avoid sharp sides cutting the braid.

5.When doing this on a boat the easiest way is to have the rod in  a rod holder and pulling against that when doing the half hitches and final uni - also this guys knot seems to hinge on that burnt bulb preventing it form slipping . One needs to be able to do a PR that holds regardless of a burnt end on the leader or not - jsut have to keep an eye on it whilst fishing to check its not unravelling. If no wind and can get a flame - sure do it.

6. The uni that he closes up with can just be pulled up, the wrapping of the loop he does just helps to lay the knot nicely when you pull it up. Pulling up without the wrapping leads to uneven lay sometimes.

If Fedu sees this he may be able to post the version by Josh - once you have these taped they are very quick - just practice.


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