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The Rizutto finish is a nice neat way of locking any longspan knot. Can be used with most knots including Bimini, PR Knot, FG Knot.
Here's an excellent video describing how it's done. (Thanks to Khaliq!)

Important in the Rizutto is to do that first wrap loop tight. Don't let it expand and slide up the existing knot when tightening it. That will lead to the knot unraveling over time. That first wrap must butt up snug against the Bimini/FG.

Rizutto Finish for a Bimini twist.

 :Like: now to go practice ... :rck"

Cam Mundy:
Doesn't make things stronger but it does look pretty when done right.

Been using this for a while now.
I have found it less likely to unravel.
Also like how it tightens towards the centre of the knot.


--- Quote from: Cam Mundy on July 19, 2017, 01:11:40 am ---Doesn't make things stronger but it does look pretty when done right.

--- End quote ---

I've been finishing the FG knot like this as it creates a bit of a streamlined buffer through the guides if you use a longer mono leader. Plus I read somewhere that in an FG, you should'nt pull the finishing half hitches too tight as it potentially cuts into the mainline.  Quite often I see the tag end of the FG growing longer as the hitches come loose - so the rizutto finish prevents that too.

I've had a few too many FG leader breakoffs on the braid side when I finish with hitches alone, so hoping this will prevent the initial cutting.


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