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Join Carbon coated Steel to leader

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Here is a popular method of joining your Mono leader to Carbon coated steel, as used in the sliding technique. The 1m steel at the end of the leader provides some protection against a burn-off.
This method uses the back to back Fig 8. It's extremely strong and favoured over the Albright.
Line the Steel up with the Mono. Make a 2 turn loop in the steel around the Mono.

Now feed the tag end of the steel though the back of both loops.

Grab the tag end and small loop with your fingers and unravel the 2 loops...
Now gently form the knot up half-tight with a pair of pliers.



Switch things around and make a 3 turn Fig 8 in the mono, around the steel, same as above.

Use 3 turns in 1mm leader and below; 2 turns in 1.2+mm leader is sufficient.

Put the tag end through the back of all 3 loops, grab the tag end along with the smallest loop and tease out the loops flat.

Then form the knot by pulling on the tag end.

This is what you are left with...

Moisten everything properly.
Now pull on the 2 ends until the knots slide up and touch each other...

Now you want to tighten up the steel knot. Using a pair of pliers at the steel tag end, pull the knot tighter...

Now pull both main ends until the knots squash up against each other...

Keep tightening the steel knot with pliers on the tag end, then pulling both ends tight until you have a nice neat compressed knot.

This is what the finished product looks like... with trimmed tag ends. Small and compact and very strong.


Great stuff! Thank you Sir!

Nice one! :hnthnt:

I like that, it should work nicely on light wire for  :tgr: 's

Serra Moz:
Very nice knot, it can be used for traces other than sliding too, thinner diameters, I urge the first timers to have a bit of patience, as my first attempts were looking horrible! But, with a glass of red wine + a bit of patience - you will see it's not that difficult - do NOT rush the knot! This knot (of course thinner diameter on both) can be modified and used for Elf or single hook single hook applications such small squid drift baits.


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