Topic: Saltiga Surf Spinning reel - SA5000 Service and Maintenance Tutorial  (Read 3213 times)

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Here follows a Photographic tutorial on how to strip a Saltiga Surf SA-5000 Spinning reel. If you don't have experience in completing DIY services of multiplier reels, then please don't attempt this! These modern spinning reels are extremely complex in their technology and build.
Disclaimer: Ultimate Angling accepts no responsibility for reels damaged in attempting these tutorials.

A nice feature of this reel is a quick one-screw take off the rear guard, which gives you access to the main shaft and worm gears, which can be regreased in a jiffy.

I would recommend stopping at this point as the worm gears and Dog pawls are quite complex!!

What we have left...

I don't recommend going any further with dismantling the reel as it would be difficult to re-assemble if you don't know exactly what you're doing.

At this point, all parts should be cleaned with Benzine and a toothbrush and lightly regreased.

To re-assemble, follow the tutorial backwards.

Saltiga Surf Features: 
  • Lightweight Air Metal Magnesium body treated to prevent saltwater corrosion.
  • Seven ball bearings, including CRBB anti-corrosion bearings, plus roller bearing
  • Digigear digitally designed and machined gears
  • Dual, selectable Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • Tubular stainless Air Bail
  • Ultra-reliable, manual bail closure
  • Bail lock prevents handle and rotor turning during a cast
  • Washable design with sealed drag system
  • Dual CRBB ball bearing line roller
  • Silent Oscillation (with worm gear levelwind)
  • Lifetime Bail Spring
  • Machined aluminum spool and handle

This is a fabulous reel!
Nice long, shallow spool which allows long casts.
Robust build with high grade aluminium components and stainless steel pinion gear.
Magnesium Spool, which helps prevent corrosion.
The first Spinning reel I've ever seen with a Dog Pawl for failsafe Anti-reverse.
A big thick bail arm which is not going to get damaged in a hurry.
Some excellent water proofing seals on all open ends... very good for the salt.
All in all a solid reel with ultra smooth retrieve due to the bearing supported mainshaft.

I don't like:
The Drag knob - cheap and plasticky.
Also the Line guard - cheap plastic.
Horrible handle knob!
For the price this reel goes for, I find it hard to fathom why Daiwa would compromise such a fine reel with these cheap components!

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Re: Saltiga Surf Spinning reel - SA5000 Service and Maintenance Tutorial
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2012, 03:49:48 pm »
Awesome tut, great photos. Thanks mate.

Do you know whether this is similar on the inside to the 6000GT?

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Re: Saltiga Surf Spinning reel - SA5000 Service and Maintenance Tutorial
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2012, 04:54:57 pm »
Great stuff as usual....
Now the big question.... In its price range, how does it fair with competitors ?


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Re: Saltiga Surf Spinning reel - SA5000 Service and Maintenance Tutorial
« Reply #3 on: July 14, 2012, 06:18:18 pm »
 (clap) .. Excellent tutorial Tony .. :bow: ... pricewise , they not cheap but still slightly less than the top of the range Daiwa Z range  , Penn and Shimano heavy spinning reels , they cast well and are super light , so u can use all day with out getting tired , plus good retrieve rate. :-)

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Re: Saltiga Surf Spinning reel - SA5000 Service and Maintenance Tutorial
« Reply #4 on: July 15, 2012, 12:49:20 pm »
Superb tut Reefer, that is my dream grinder right there!