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Title: Horrible day
Post by: LGF on April 15, 2018, 07:50:56 pm
So today we went out to pre-fish for a comp next weekend at RDW and in retrospect I shouldíve stayed home I suppose.

As I hooked the boat yesterday, the trailer had some momentum and my pinky ended up between the draw plate and the trailersí coupler. Sore, well the neighbors learned a few new words in Afrikaans!

This morning prior to launching I tested the ulterra that had some issues with the transducer mounted to the botto: of it in the week and low and behold, the belt that trims it up and down came out from the collet at the bottom. Took us two hours picking screws from the grass and figuring out how to put the trim unit back together, especially the little spring that kept jumping about and out swr

So eventually we launched at 08:00 and by this time we realized that it wasnít going to be an easy day as most of the boats had moved from spots sereval times and were still running up and down.

Nonetheless, we launched, found out that the transducer at the bottom of the troll motor wasnít working anymore, probably due to it being clipped off several times since I installed it the first time.

Anyhow, running the Humminbirdís on an Ethernet, I was able to utilize the transom transducer to feed the bow-mount bird too.

Fishing was tough, very tough, bites were far and few and extremely soft, this with the dam now at 100+% full, it was obvious why the other boats were burning gas and not catching bass :shk

I tried a known place up in the river and seemingly forgot to switch the main motor completely off, tried starting it after about two hours and nadda, crank battery dead. Although I had some extra cabling onboard I couldnít cut it with the uselessly blunt side-cutter in the toolbox and had to resort to suttingbif with a knife :unhap  managed to jump start the main motor from one of the trolling motorsí deepcycles and was mobile again, but the fishing remained just like that, fishing and little to no catching. Those that I managed to catch wasnt interested in a boat ride and soon after the initial hookset would long-line themselves, so in all only 8 fish took a ride throughout the day with us....... horrible horrible day, but it was still worth it!
Title: Re: Horrible day
Post by: REEFMAN on April 16, 2018, 06:59:40 am
Jeepers Henk! What a shambles...! Not sure I would have been so patient! Perseverance...  (clap)
Title: Re: Horrible day
Post by: SAfish on April 16, 2018, 07:22:44 am
Wow, that is tough fishing with everything that went wrong. Good luck for the next time.
Title: Re: Horrible day
Post by: WalkersKiller on April 16, 2018, 07:48:12 am
Tough break bru, can imagine the frustration!
Title: Re: Horrible day
Post by: MIKE PIKE on April 16, 2018, 08:19:04 am
A day on the water regardless of conditions still beats a day in the city /work etc...hope u took enuff  :beer: with to take  the edge of the  frustration .. :Like:
Title: Re: Horrible day
Post by: FishStyx on April 16, 2018, 08:38:58 am
I also had a bum weekend's bass chasing... Saturday evening landed a few but tough going, Sunday was on the water at first light, landed my first fish after 8  :unhap ... Got a few more but that was it. Even got the Crankman on board around midday to see if he could turn things round but we both blanked.

Admittedly, heavy rains last week followed up by a week of drizzle and the water temp had plummeted from 28 down to 22.4 deg.

Edit: Oh, and my FF also decided to go on the blink.
Title: Re: Horrible day
Post by: LGF on April 16, 2018, 01:42:04 pm
that's how it was meant to be I suppose, it wouldn't have helped at all to get frustrated and angry, I've learned that, that normally amounts to larger expenses fixing stuff that got handled whilst being  <:.

the same applies for taking a couple of  :beer:'s and especially  :beer:, it gets me from zero to universal HERO in in 2  :beer:'s flat and that (for me) causes much much more breakages :rotfl :rotfl

All good, at least as mentioned it was still worth it, could have been much more enjoyable, but i'll take it as it comes!!

PS finger is still swollen and a bit blueish, question time (I don't wanna go waste time at the ER for X-rays) but I am concerned that it might cause other issues, i.e. gangrene, there's no loss of sensation, pain has subsided but there obviously had been internal bleeding,  Stupid Question, I know I have to go to the ER!!!
Title: Re: Horrible day
Post by: TackleandCamp on April 19, 2018, 09:30:13 am
Well LGF this sounds to me like you had a great day of exploring your boat.

RDW has had a ton of wheather and level changes over the last month or so. We saw it rise with 6 meters within a week last month which really kills fishing as the fooshies go deep and kind of hybernates till it gets hot again. Climate changes has also affected the fishing there.

I have had some luck at the flats there the past few weeks with the odd fluke and so on. Rigging a dropshot and just twitching it brought the fooshies out a bit.

Be patient and youl find them. RDW has became insanely quiet over the last while but we all know how it can change there. The sun is also coming out now after a while which will let the fooshies come up for some well deserved fresh sunlight which in turn might spark a feeding frenzy i hope.

Good luck with the comp and the finger

TC out :geet
Title: Re: Horrible day
Post by: LGF on April 19, 2018, 09:19:51 pm
 :rotfl  Yeah thatís why itís called what itís called, talking about fishing now, the finger is much better after I drilled a hole through the nail to relieve the pressure from the internal bleeding, yes I did not go to the ER, donít like hospitals at all.

The bloke I was to fish the comp with on Sat, had to withdraw due to a huge project at work. So tried a couple of friends, but theyíre all going with other peeps and or are ill?

Sorted the electrics last night I think. Will see what the rest of the ghosts in the machine have to say :hyst:
Title: Re: Horrible day
Post by: TackleandCamp on April 20, 2018, 08:14:19 am
So update: RDW had quite some rainy weather yesterday evening so if i am correct the sun will at least be out on the weekend.

Dont know how the fooshies will react after the cold and rain in a mix.
Please let me know what happened.

Would have loved to join but already committed to friendly comp at Roodekoppies this weekend

Cheers TC
Title: Re: Horrible day
Post by: Big B on April 20, 2018, 10:20:31 am
Eish, sounds like a testing day, must say, if I catch 8 fish on a day out, I will still see that as a succesful day. If the finger keeps on being a problem, I will tape that to the one next door, immobelise it for a while and see if it gets any better.
Hope you have a partner by now, otherwise I can step up, but I am really just a very social bass angler at  best :diving:
Title: Re: Horrible day
Post by: LGF on April 21, 2018, 09:44:32 pm
And so it continues.......

I donít watch the news cause it makes me angry when I see what is burned and looted and people killed for nothing, so what?

Well, this morning I drive to RDW taking the Hammaskraal/Boekenhoutskloof offramp and then through the Dinokeng reserve, like we always do.

Was strange to see all the boulders and branches on the road and before I knew it stones (huge ones, the size of half bricks) were falling all around the bakkie, with some kids approaching the bakkie, I was forced to take defensive action and draw my PB and her 15 kids. They scattered and I was able to get out of the hotspot, only to find that 70 odd meters further the road was completely blocked off by boulders the size of VW beetles. Anyone ever tried turning a boat around in a small space, firearm out the window and whilst be rattled? Was scary!!! I still had to drive through the spot where they were and as I drove through I kept on seeing the big rocks falling short of the bakkie (had the rocks been smaller, it would have had a diffirent outcome), heard some hitting the sink houses close to the edge of the road and saw the ....ís run in between the houses.

Thank the Lord Almighty, nothing happened to them, me or my property!
Apparently it was on the news in the week (I donít watch the news) and the cops only managed to clear the N1 between Pumulani Plaza and the Carousel this morning as both directions of the N1 was completely closed since Wednesday afternoon.  swr  This is the ongoing bus protest in PTA, funny how the little ....ís throwing stones probably couldnít reach the pedals of a small car let alone a bus, but theyíre throwing stones at vehicles? Go figure, the mentality........


Fishing was tough, boat and troll motor was throwing stones and behaved like it should. I managed to boat just 4 fish, got broken off, long lined several, missed at least 13 bites, but I kept at it and was rewarded with a fatty just after midday, weighing 2.13, sadly it wasnít enough to end anywhere in the top 10, as my bag pulled the scale at 3.9. That said it (without the harrowing experience early morning) was very enjoyable day and although the fishing catching was very tough, the fishing was most enjoyable and the weather wasnít bad at all!

The winning bag weighed 6.8 something, which for RDW is slightly above the recent averages, so it is picking up, size wise anyhow!
Title: Re: Horrible day
Post by: TackleandCamp on April 23, 2018, 12:27:04 pm
Thanks for the feedback LGF sorry about the issues on route just glad you got out okay.

Well done on the bag
Title: Re: Horrible day
Post by: REEFMAN on April 23, 2018, 01:37:11 pm
Sheesh scary story LGF! Glad you're ok.  :corrct:
Title: Re: Horrible day
Post by: colin on April 23, 2018, 03:34:12 pm
Scary, especially if travelling with a family , one wonders what you would have been forced to do had they prevented you turning your rig :dunno: . A mob can be ruthless.  I seldom travel armed , should I reconsider  :-( . :toppie:
Title: Re: Horrible day
Post by: LGF on April 26, 2018, 06:28:06 pm
Yeah thatís what this land is coming to, you protest because of some increase and your kids throw stones at 04:30 at people with no connection to the strike, the increase, the area or any other than being a fellow South African!

One thing I do know is that their Guardian Angles were looking out for them and mine for me, that trigger was under pressure.