clipPENN SLAMMER lll 6500 HS - Review and Maintenance tutorial | 04 Aug 18

12:13:26 by REEFMAN
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Here follows a comprehensive Photographic Service and Maintenance tutorial on the Penn Slammer lll - 6500 HS.
During the Tut, we will give a brief review of the different pro's and con's of the reel.

The HS version of this reel is Red and Black, with the standard version being Black and Gold.

First impressions are that the ...

xxStinger Hooks - Make your own Assist hooks for spinning | 26 Jun 12

11:27:19 by REEFMAN
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xxThe Ultimate guide to attaching hooks to lures | 16 Nov 11

13:08:52 by REEFMAN
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Most lures on the market are rigged with unfriendly treble hooks, or hooks that are of unacceptable strength and quality, so it sometimes becomes necessary to change these.

This small tut is designed to try help overcome some of the issues in replacing hooks on a lure. This is aimed at spinning techniques - light and medium tackle fis...

clipWire rings for spoons | 09 Dec 10

21:32:20 by Fritz
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As promised, here is how you make your own wire rings for your spoon instead of using split rings.

Firstly for this demo I used some red coated wire to make it easier to see and understand what is going on.

When I attach my hooks and swivels to my spoons I use #4 or #5 American fishing wire. For the guys that have not done this use some #4 untill you get used to it. It is much easier to work with.

Photo 1<...

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