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Title: VHF licence - WTF
Post by: Hawkeye on January 17, 2019, 01:46:11 pm
The issue at SAMSA is absurd, ridiculous and incomprehensible to say the least, I called the Pretoria office, they say the documents are in Durban, I call Durban and they say they don’t do the VHF licences any more , when I tell them that this is a lei , they say “O” sorry she miss understood me, then she asks for my ID number , few minutes later I am told  that my documents are there but they have a back log, I can hear the people in the background laughing , not sure if it was at my expense or just them having fun while they should be working. This is a year now , and there are others that did there tests before I did and are still waiting for there licences.

But lets address the backlog …….. 17 new recruits were employed just to catch up with the backlog , that was in 2017…. If each new employee that was employed to do the job just did 5 a day, you would have a minimum of  75 a day being completed, 750 in ten days , in 6 months you don’t have a backlog anymore … can they use a calculator .

Now I have Pretoria blaming Durban, Durban Blaming Pretoria and the guy I spoke to in Cape Town after trying to contact Debbie James just saying “ISH” .

I come from an environment (Aviation) that has an administration requirement way more stringent than SAMSA will ever be,  The level of documentation they deal with daily is far more demanding and precise than SAMSA will ever experience,  yet they do it daily . WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH SAMSA ?
Title: Re: VHF licence - WTF
Post by: GUPPIGETTA on January 17, 2019, 02:55:31 pm
Incompetent, idiots that only get their jobs because of their skin colour and not for knowledge or training as long as they get their pay at the end of the month. They don't care about their work. And then Ramaphosa says that South Africa is a better place since 1994. WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!! Who is he trying to fool????