Author Topic: How to target garrick in Durban Harbour  (Read 37690 times)

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Re: How to target garrick in Durban Harbour
« Reply #60 on: July 11, 2017, 10:33:29 AM »
Please release the fish up north, just to reiterate!

I cannot stress enough how severe the pressure is that adult garrick stocks are under, the changes in the regulations have not reflected that at all?! I target them in eastern and southern cape in the main summers stock basins. The ones you see inshore are the majority of the stock, we do no see them offshore at all unless they are on a migration, although we see their choms offshore that they shoal inshore with, this tells me that what we see in close, is what we get unlike for example tuna and tail where there are extensive offshore stocks. There were no sardine runs for 4 or more years and we had season after season down south in summer with epic fish, numbers and sizes got bigger year on year and the stock was looking like it was making a recovery, I averaged 30-40 leeries in the 5-15kg range for at least 3 seasons, all were released except one smaller injured fish. We would cast at the same shoals all summer, they would just move around and we'd follow them on land or boat, our skipper knows them like the back of his hand and had a handle on where they were on any given day..

Then two years ago there was a sardine run and we warned the guys up north to look after the fish as the stocks were just recovering, but still a mere percent of unfished levels. I fear they got hammered. We never saw our shoals return last summer at all. Then there was another run of sardines up the coast last winter..I fear the worst. It is like one of our summer gamefish has just gone? The only leeries I have caught in a year and a half have been a few guys the size of my hand in my thrownet. I saw two or three in total last season, all under 5kg, that from a normal hundreds of 5kg+ fish we'd see in a season. Something is seriously wrong. Anyway to flog a dead horse, guys and gals, we need to come together to start protecting the garrick..I fish with guys that fished them in the old days before they were targeted, decades ago and the returning shoals were 10-20km long in those days they tell me, it would take more than half an hour for the shoal to file past you. So when the scientists said a few years ago that the level of stock was only a percent or two of unfished levels, I'd tend to believe them.

Please catch the garrick for sport and return em to make more..
Good post but I am afraid it will fall on deaf ears, I have seen the killing firsthand, too many will end up as fried or as breyani I am afraid, three years ago I saw ONE angler remove seventeen fish in ONE day from the beach on the south coast!! :-(
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Re: How to target garrick in Durban Harbour
« Reply #61 on: July 11, 2017, 01:30:46 PM »
The above post is a great post and I hope the guys take heed to it. It is so so sad that the stock of these fantastic sport fish is dwindling towards extinction.
17 fish by one angler in one day  :shk :shk :shk :shk :unhap :unhap :unhap :unhap :unhap [size=78%] is a massacre and I am sorry to say this but he should have been [/size] (bat

All we can do is try our best to do our bit towards conservation and protect the  :grk: :grk: :grk:

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Re: How to target garrick in Durban Harbour
« Reply #62 on: July 11, 2017, 03:03:34 PM »
What ever happened with the Durban seine netters that were reeking havoc on the shad and garrick a few years ago?


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