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Easy emergency jumpstart modification.
« on: September 10, 2021, 09:40:22 AM »
I got so many useful tips on this forum i thought Ill try and contribute something.
I tried this little hack on my previous boat and actually had to use it once. I sent my boat for a service before a weekend trip to Sodwana in 2015, warmed up the motors at the camp and went to the beach. as we pushed the boat in the one motor was dead, the surf was not that bad but I hate to scramble for jumpers etc while the boat is taking a few smacks. I pushed the switch, the motor fired and we launched. Behind the surf I found the one battery's terminals was not tightened at all so problem solved. I know its on me to have checked this before hand but slightly in my defense i got her back literally the day before from service so... anyways. the tip I wish to share is a"auto jump-start for twin motor boats. its also useful when you ran the pumps- light- music for too long.

I intend to install this on my current boat this or next weekend so ill update with pics, for now here is a simple guide and crudely drawn diagram.please note I'm not a autolec at all so any clever chaps, please chip in.

You will need:a set of jumper cables suitable for your engine's power requirements. any suitable gauge wire will do.
A Starter solenoid,( A golf1 solenoid worked well for me).a three way switch. I used a trim and tilt switch I mounted next to the steering for quick access.usual electrical tools n things.
1. I mounted the starter solenoid in my port battery box. the golf 1 starter has a useful bracket standard on it.      2. connect the negative terminals of the batteries directly.         3. connect the positive terminals of the batteries to the in and output of the solenoid.              4 install the 3way switch somewhere easily accessible.                 5 connect the switch-input to both batteries and the output to the solenoid lug(ignition lug)6 the solenoid bracket is usually the negative or it might have a negative lug depending on the type. connect this to the battery negative.
the solenoid will make a notable clicking sound when switched on and presto.
I like on my boat you run all utilities off the starboard battery,a normal push(hold switch) can be use if you power the solenoid from the port battery only but if that battery is totally dead - it wont engage the solenoid.i don't recommend a switch that can be left in the on position should you forget about it. the 3way trim and tilt switch can power the solenoid from either starboard or port  batteries independently and disengages the jump when you let go.
I'm not sure if anyone has tried something similar yet. this method has its benefits in a emergency but it beats using jumpers. ( still have a set on the boat for my OCD...)
another lovely day in paradise


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